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U.S. Navy

The Future of Maritime Defense

With the objective of articulating their kinetic and technological prowess, the United States Navy calls on Ten Stories to help them accomplish their information-marketing goals. Alongside subject matter experts, we dive deep into concepts, learning how to convey technically complex ideas in high-level and digestible ways.


The U.S. Navy, as with every branch of the military, has specific long-term technological goals to accomplish. Big ideas that shape the future of warfighting require creative exploration and proof of concept before they can be executed. Video is the perfect medium.


Big ideas, especially highly conceptual technological systems, often need to be portrayed in an understandable way. It may be as simple as recreating a series of user interfaces, or as complex as a deep-dive under the hood.



To view Ten Stories produced videos for the U.S. Navy, you must have the appropriate security clearances. Reach out to us to find out more.

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I love watching your team work and I am honored to be part of the process. Looking forward to many more in the future!


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