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Still a relatively young company, GlobalFoundries is advancing the semiconductor manufacturing industry within the United States and all around the world. After a total rebrand, GF looked to us to help them bring motion to their newfound identity via commercial brand and product videos.


We help GF establish, apply and refine their brand identity as it applies to video and motion visuals. We're proud to be their go-to partner when they need commercial-quality brand videos.


Alongside manufacturing for their partners and customers all over the world, GF also develops their own proprietary silicon fabrication technologies. We help them sell these advancements.




Founded in 2009, GlobalFoundries is a relatively young company in the field of semiconductor fabrication. Armed with a newly-launched brand identity, GF chose us to help them set their new look in motion. We helped them establish a voice, key visuals and a motion graphic aesthetic that continues to define the look of feel of their videos.


GlobalFoundries is known for manufacturing semiconductors for some of the biggest names in the tech industry. Lesser known, but worth exclaiming, is the work they do in-house on their cutting edge silicon photonics technology. We used a combination of streamlined language and dynamic 3D visuals to quickly tease the potential for GF Fotonix to scale compute power.


To bolster the announcement of their stock listing on the Nasdaq, and to commemorate that achievement a year later, we produced a thorough collection of motion visuals to display all around New York's Times Square, including the Nasdaq tower. This video is a sizzle-style compilation of our work across an array of digital assets.

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Ten Stories possesses a unique ability to delve deep into the technicalities of our content and business and emerge with creative narratives that resonate with any audience. Their commitment to excellence and partnership ensures that every video produced is not just impactful, but a testament to their exceptional talent and our shared vision for success.


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