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Why we love the Moto Z (but maybe not the phone)

The Moto Z has been out for awhile, but I still can’t get enough of the commercial that’s been airing incessantly for months. I love this ad, and it’s not just the nostalgia. It’s just fun. Ogilvy’s relaunch of the iconic brand with it’s catchy “Hello Moto” tagline filled a void in wireless advertising. While much as has been said about the Moto Z being the alternative choice in less than enthusiastic market, I thought we could take a look at the actual ad itself and see why we like it. Let’s break it down.

It’s colorful. For years we have been slogging through ad after ad from Apple and Samsung peddling their phones as the most advanced form factor. Lens flares, closeups of the edges…with no color. Basically black and white product ads. Or they create overreaching ads intimating their products change our lives. It’s nice to see something different.

Freeze frame animations. Who doesn’t like these? These colorful animations remind me of the glorious 90's.


Double rainbow!




Crazy eagle guy showcasing the the photography mod.


Great characters! Crazy helmet guy. Hype peddler. Disco hot dog.


As for the actual device, it’s gotten pretty good reviews. But it does look quite bare without any of the mods. As C-Net’s Lynn La notes, “If you’re not interested in snapping on an extra battery, or case, or speaker, then skip the Moto Z and buy something else.”

I thought it interesting that with all this Moto branding, we find that Motorola is a subsidiary of Lenovo. In small text we can read “Moto branded products are designed and manufactured by or for Motorola Mobility, LLC.” So, instead of a simple white label, it looks as though the design team has some autonomy.


Great work from the Ogilvy New York team. An iconic reminder that wireless device ads can be fun again.

robert craghead